Branding, Logo, Stationery


Brief: Theorem Wellness clinic is a well-established, private health practice based in Alcester, UK. Their services include physiotherapy, podiatry, TCM acupuncture, energy healing, Reiki, and stress relief/hypnotherapy treatments. The clinic's goal was to create a logo and brand that accurately reflected their core principles and extensive range of services in a clinical yet friendly and innovative way.

Design Process: To create the logo and brand, I conducted extensive research into the wellness industry and Theorem's competition. I then brainstormed ideas and presented several options to the client for feedback. I iterated on the chosen design through multiple rounds of revisions, incorporating the client's feedback and ensuring that the logo and brand accurately represented their values and services.

Outcome: The final logo and brand feature four semi-transparent colored shapes, which represent Theorem's vast array of services while conveying a sense of clarity and openness to patients. The transparency also conveys the clinic's commitment to honesty and transparency. I used Baskerville for the logo, as the classic and timeless font communicates professionalism and reliability. The resulting brand presents Theorem as friendly, positive, and trustworthy, while remaining professional and clinical.

Impact: Since launching the new brand, Theorem has received positive feedback from both existing and new patients. The logo and brand have been used across a variety of marketing materials, including their website, business cards, and brochures, which has helped to increase brand recognition and attract new patients to the clinic.